The Forsaken


Not too long ago I wrote a poem when I was in one of darkened moods. It happens sometimes. Anyhow, I wanted to post this for those who wish to read it.

The Forsaken

The darkness is descending
On the wings of a raven
Death draws near
To my shelter, my haven

The night is getting darker
My future is bleak
The devil stands at my side
Asking, "What do I seek?"

I'm asking for forgivness
There is only sin in my sight
I've walked on the darkened path
Furthest away from the light

I am lost in the clutches
My desires are cursed
The further away I go
I fear my heart will burst

I'm enveloped by the darkness
Madness my only friend
The silence calls out to me
Voices I cannot comprehend

I travel down a road
I wish I never would have taken
But please remember me
I am known as The Forsaken


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